Hot Christmas Toys for Babies

Purchasing the newest and hottest Christmas toys 2010 is going to be quite an exciting thing to do this year since many of the best toys are going to be released soon. If you have been wondering about which toys you would want to purchase for your children this Christmas you might want to go through some of the hottest toys that are expected to be in high demand this year.

Christmas is fast approaching. Everyone in the family is excited in giving and receiving presents. That includes the baby of course! Having a hard time choosing the right hot Christmas toys for babies? In order to pick the appropriate toys that babies play at a certain age or month, it is important to understand the stages of development that they are in and the activities they normally do.

Newborns to 3 month old babies usually don’t do much though they can perceive visual stimulations. They can be responsive to sound and may be able to grasp small things. So during this age, hot Christmas toys for babies usually include musical and colourful play sets hanging over them, baby mobiles and rattles. Babies from 4-6 months old may appreciate toys that talk or sing, teething toys and colourful objects that they can easily take hold. They may be able to drink from a cup too. During the 6-9 months, babies tend to explore their environment. They may have a wide range of movement and may be able to sit and stop for a longer period of time. They are fascinated with mirrors and anything that shows reflection. Talking or musical toys are also a popular choice for babies during this age. For babies from 9-12 months old now start to crawl and may even walk as they tend to expand their horizon and curious about their surroundings. They love it imitate other people like in peek-a-boo games and may understand simple words and phrases.

During this stage they tend to build stuff, appreciate shapes and sounds and do small things that bring a sense of accomplishment to them. They begin to learn body coordination and control. Interactive and educational toys are the best gifts to give to babies of this age.

So before shopping for hot Christmas toys for babies it would be good idea to consider their developmental stage. This would not only help them achieve their desired progress but also bring greater smiles this Christmas season with the best baby toys available.

When you will be able to pick the hottest Christmas toys 2010 for your children, the satisfaction you get after watching the excitement on their face would surely be worth the effort you would put in getting those toys for them.

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